My Favorite Journaling Exercise to Push Past Fear

A few weeks back, I started a collection of thoughts called the SheSeries. My intention behind it is to inspire and lift, push and encourage, and nudge you to go after the life you envision.
Fear can hold us back if we let it. Doubts of how to make what we want work, whether we are good enough, or the idea that we might fall can and will zap the light out of any dream.
The SheSeries is my reminder to you, and to myself, to get out there and not let fear get in the way. We have one chance at all this. That very thought lights the fire in me to jump, to fly, and to go after what I want. It is my hope that my words might do the same for you.
So my challenge to you today is stop what you are doing after reading this post.

Grab a coffee if you do not already have one. (Fuel!)
Take 5 minutes and write your answers to the following questions. Go on and grab a pretty pen and notebook.

Let your thoughts free-flow and just write. Then, go back to what you were doing prior and let it sink in as you do your day.
Some added food for thought: If you decided to live your life less out of fear, and more from a place of self-love, worthiness, and faith in yourself that you’ve got this, what would your SheSeries look like?