What are you sitting back and wishing for?

For years, I told myself, some day I'm going to learn to knit. It stayed a thought until finally my best friend and I signed up for a class together. Having her there with me was the little nudge I needed to actually get out there and do it. 

You might have some grander things you want to try on your list. Maybe it's turning that passion project into a career or a trip to somewhere exotic? Or it might be simpler, like taking photography classes, starting a new exercise program, or changing your hair color! Whatever it is, notice the little things that you are wanting to try, and start there.

Start small and continue to build on that list. Gradually you will prove to yourself over and over that you CAN do the things you want. Yes, you!

Next up for me? Regular dance classes. It's been on my radar after attending a hip hop class in New York with one of my besties this past spring. Ever since I've been sitting back wanting something to pop up, wishing I will find a class in Chicago annnnd watching Yanis Marshall videos in the meantime (which if you have not yet seen one, take a quick 5-minute break and check him out-- he is pure JOY.)  

So... here's to NOT sitting backing and wishing anymore.  

It's time to dance ladies.