3 Ways to Simply Your Life

Over the last few weeks I have made it a priority to clean up my life. 
What I mean by that, is literally simplifying everything from my wardrobe to what I cook for dinner to how I problem-solve. I have tried my hardest to approach life from a simplifying mindset as much as possible.
Why? Because, clutter.
We have so much going on in our lives. We have so many options and choices (a wonderful, blessed thing for sure) but it sometimes can lead to overwhelm.
Case in point, I recently went with my husband to finalize cabinets for our kitchen. The designer said we would need to choose a color for our cabinets. I thought, easy, white cabinets! Oh, but not so easy! There are hundreds of whites to choose from, I find out. [Cue the overwhelm.] So, moving forward I am sticking to my simplicity plan. Pick my favorite 3, and then go with the one I like best.

No second guessing. No doubting. Just choose, and stick to it.
Another effort to simplify recently was with my wardrobe. After donating clothes I have not worn in the last year, I now walk into my wardrobe feeling refreshed and excited for what to wear. The items remaining in my closet are things I love and look forward to wearing. Bonus: I finally threw away the jeans that had been collecting dust as I waited to fit back into them. The most hilarious part is that I DO fit into them now, but I do not like the jeans! I’ve realized they are outdated (low rise, anyone??) and they remind me of the constant dread I put myself through to wear them again someday. I felt an emotional release the moment they hit the donation pile! The jeans do not serve me at all in my life.  In fact, they never have. Jeans, no matter which ones, are not a reflection of my self worth, nor are they a reflection of yours.

Keeping any clothing around that is a stand in for your self-worth is really a reflection of the self-love needing to be seen. Throw them jeans away if they are not positively serving you.
Simplifying might not be for everyone, but after chatting with one of my favorite lady clients, I felt inspired by her goal to simplify and it has since spiraled into a fun personal project. I thought about my own life and how I can let things go that really do not serve me or bring me joy. It has been an incredible practice that I plan to continue this year.
Will you join me in making this your year to simplify? It frees up all kinds of physical, emotional, and mental clutter. Remember to keep it easy, peasy girl. And tell me about it! I want to know how you will make things simpler around you.