5 Boundaries to Set in Your Business Right now!

Oh, boundaries.

One of my absolute favorite words.

Truly, boundaries are a game changer in life. The purpose of a boundary is always, always, always to create structure around what you are wanting and needing. It is you declaring and making a commitment to yourself about how you will protect your space. We can set boundaries with the people in our lives, with our habits and routines, and with our work.

It’s Time to talk ABOUT why it is essential to have Business Boundaries.

From the outside looking in, many people who do not own their own businesses tend to think business owners can do what they want when they want. And maybe that is true for some business owners, but for me personally, I have had certain boundaries I have tried to stick to so that momentum in my business is never lost. So that I myself have structure and routine. So that my clients know what to expect from me. Boundaries serve a vital role in keeping everything behind the scenes running. So while I would love to go out and meet a friend for coffee every morning of the week, I would not be a very savvy, nor productive, business owner if I did so!

Here are my top 5 business boundaries that I personally have tried to stick to before I made the decision to go on an extended maternity leave. I recommend coming up with your own list to help maintain a rhythm within your business!

Set these 5 boundaries in your business right now:

  1. Set hours

    I typically have worked from 10-3. I try to be clear about the specific days that I work. When you own a business, start here. When do you want to start your day? End your day? What days do you want and need to work? What days will you honor as time off? Honor this schedule and don’t be afraid to come back around to it as life changes. It’s okay (and encouraged!) to switch things up! The idea is to establish the boundary for you. When are you turning work ON/OFF?

  2. Set days to batch work

    A lot of my boss lady clients are usually intrigued and a bit surprised by my process for getting work done (something that I am happy and eager to share exclusively with them!). In a nutshell, we must have a rhythm and flow for how and when we are getting work done. An example might look something like this: Mondays are for programs, Tuesdays and Thursdays are for client calls, Wednesdays are for podcasting, and Fridays are for networking. You designate the type of work you do for various days. This helps your brain create focus when you start your day. You can then easily say NO to miscellaneous work that falls outside this work boundary.

  3. Set aside time to network

    I like to swap the word “connecting” for “networking.” Seriously, thinking about networking as “networking” is just so not my cup of tea. I come from an education background where I was a teacher and networking was not something we emphasized nor did, so you can imagine my initial discomfort here! When I realized that networking is essentially making new friends and connecting with old ones, I changed my perspective. I saw that networking is actually something I can do, and something I can do well. Each week, on Fridays, I give myself permission to connect with my people. Whether it’s a cup of coffee with a friend, a brunch date, or a virtual Skype call, I set aside this chunk of time to connect with my people. I think it’s vital to have boundaries with this. We can sometimes get pulled into the, “when are you free?” question and start giving away our precious time designated for other critical elements within our business. We must set a hard boundary here. Find time in your schedule that you will permit yourself to connect with others, and stick to it.

  4. Decide when you will check email

    I don’t know about you, but checking my email drains me! (Do you know your own energy drainers? If not, and you do not already have my FREE Daily Routine Workbook, I highly, highly recommend downloading this super-charged freebie with all my tips for creating an energizing routine. Get it here!). How does it feel for you when you check your email first thing? Do you have energy in the tank to tend to your other creative work? Maybe so. Maybe not. Either way, this is key information for you about when to check it. Set a boundary and be sure to check it only when you say it’s time to do so.

  5. Stick to a morning routine and daily wind-down routine

    Self-care is absolutely everything within a business. Setting boundaries is part of your self-care within your business. Making sure that you start your day with the mindset, attitude, and rituals to create energy for the day ahead is so very key. DO NOT skimp on this piece. Remember that you started your business for a reason. There’s something in you that feels called to do this work. Show up for your business at your best. How will you ensure that you can do this very thing, daily? And while you’re at it, what habits and rituals will you do at the very end of the day to signal it’s really time to turn it off? Write down your plan of action and make it happen, love. You got this!

There you have it- the top 5 boundaries to set in your business right now! I hope you will take some time for yourself to reflect on these business essentials. They have been a true game-changer in how I run my business and I hope they help you create the drive and clarity needed to get after the peaceful daily rhythms you crave in your very own. had