My Top 5 Self-Love Activities

I don't know about you, but this time of year things can be, well... dreary.

Everything just seems to have slowed down. It's cold outside. The sun is shining much less. 

You feel me?

This is exactly why NOW is the time to check in with your self-love things.

You know... the things you do that make you feel the most connected to yourself. The things that remind you that you are a being worth loving and caring for. The things that make you feel human and whole and real.

Today I am sharing my very own self-love things with you in hopes that you may be inspired to reflect on your very own.

Here are my top 5 self-love Activities!

  1. The mirror exercise.

    This one is probably the absolute hardest, but one of the most profound ways to reconnect with your inner self-love. Here’s how you do it: Stand in front of a mirror. You can start with your clothes on, but the best way to do this exercise is in your underwear or naked. Stand there, and lovingly notice the parts of your body that you see. Challenge yourself to say something loving about the parts you find yourself ridiculing in the mirror. Think about what that part of your body does for you. Thank your body for being there for you.

  2. Daily gratitude.

    The way you do this exercise is simple. You can do it quietly in your mind while you are getting ready for the day. Simply state 1-3 things that you are profoundly grateful for within yourself. What about yourself do you love dearly? What are you grateful for physically? What have you done recently that you can celebrate and love on?

  3. Putting on lotion mindfully.

    This activity is meant to be a self-love exercise for when you are needing to reconnect with yourself physically. Put lotion on slowly and intentionally after taking a shower. I love to sit down for this one and notice the various parts of my physical being that I am grateful for. Celebrate your toes. Your legs. Your thighs. Your tummy. As you rub lotion on various parts of your body, honor the very vessel that you are in that allows you to experience life.

  4. Letter to self in 5 years.

    When you are having a really tough time in life, this exercise can be powerful in giving yourself permission to be exactly where you are at right now, and to still be loved for it. Sit down and grab a pen and paper and write a letter to the you in 5 years time. You will write two letters to yourself in this activity. One letter is to the you in 5 years that has changed in a positive way, living life aligned the way you most want for yourself. The other letter is to the you in 5 years who is still doing the same behaviors. The idea is that both exercises create space for you to reflect on where you at. After writing, try to sink in the feelings you have for the YOU you most want to be in 5 years time.

  5. Journal writing.

    This is a daily exercise of self-love where you create space to be with yourself and your thoughts. I love to write in a journal as a way to reflect on life, though some people I know and work with love to have a focus with their writing. A sentence starter like, “Today I learned…” or “Today I am celebrating…” is a great way to be reflective. Personally, I like to just write whatever comes up on my heart!

There you have it! These are my current go-to exercises for self-love that I find to be the most helpful. I hope you sink into this cold weather season with rhythms that give you comfort and remind you that you are so very loved.