It's Time for a Little Q & A...

This week I am switching things up a bit and answering some behind-the-writing questions. My dear friend Dedra Davis nominated me for the Blue Sky Tag, a challenge that encourages bloggers to give an inside look into their writing. From my motivation to start these weekly notes, to favorite quotes and blogs to read, I open up about why I write to you. Let's get to it and answer some of Dedra's questions:

1. How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for 1.5 years. I made a commitment in January 2016 that I would write every week, and I have stuck to it!

2. Where do you blog/write most often?

I love to write in coffee shops, ironically enough. There’s something about the noise and the energy of other people that really motivates me.

3. What have you learned about yourself since you began blogging?

I have learned that for me, it’s not about how many people are reading my blog. What matters to me is if my thoughts and words can help at least one person that day, then it makes it all worth it, which is why whenever I get a note or email back from one of the ladies in my tribe, it seriously makes my entire day. It’s the push that reminds me it’s all worth it.

4. Where would you like to live if you had nothing stopping you?

Honestly, anywhere with my husband Adam. I spent a few years daydreaming about living in Portland, Huntington Beach, or Denver, and what I have realized is that I am somebody who would much rather live by my people than live in my dream location. My dream location is really wherever my people are.

5. Where is your dream spot to write?

My dream spot to write is out in nature, overlooking a lake with lots of trees around me. (I should note that I have NOT done this before…but now I think I will!)

6. Tell your reader why you want them to read your words?

Oh gosh, this one was challenging for me initially when deciding to start my blog. I had lots of self-doubt to work through in the beginning, thinking I had nothing really meaningful to say, or thinking thoughts like, “why would anybody care to read my words?” The reality is that I know I am somebody who has risen above some challenges in my life that have ultimately led me to where I am today. It is my hope to inspire and share that we are absolutely worthy of the life we want for ourselves and that is possible to create it. I write my words to remind women that we only get one shot at this thing called life, so let’s take the best possible care of ourselves and create a life and business we love.

7. Where is your favorite city, in your own state, that is not where you live now?

I love Galena, IL! It’s such a quaint little town with lots of shops and charming streets. I love visiting it in the fall when the leaves are starting to turn vibrant and bright!

8. Tell me a quote you wish you had written?

My favorite quote is more of a blurb I have taken away from Ann Lamont:

“Sink into a place of knowing you are worth profound care.”

Her original words are this:

“You can change the world with a hot bath, if you sink into it from a place of knowing that you are worth profound care, even when you're dirty and rattled.”

9. What goal have you met in 2017?

It was a goal of mine to have a full coaching practice this year, and I am so grateful and humbled to say that I met this goal back in May of this year. With each woman who decides to team up and coach with me over a period of 6 months to a year, it feels like such a gift. I love nothing more than walking alongside women who are ready to prioritize themselves and go after their big plans! Seeing them manifest what they are wanting is so fulfilling (and energizing!)

10. What is your favorite blog to read?

    I can’t choose between the two, so here they are:

   Tiffany Han: for her straight-talk business inspiration and motivation

   Mara Glatzel: for her beautiful self-care posts that she reads aloud to you like prose.

11. What is your favorite social media?

My favorite social media is Instagram! I love hanging out on there. If we aren’t already connected, let’s get to it! 

Dedra Davis is a late-in-life journalist who writes from the heart about life, love, and laughter, and an occasional blog about Waco, Texas (her hometown), décor, and weenie dogs, all the while, trying to inspire you, delight you, make you think and hopefully smile. (Smiling is her favorite!) You can check her out at Dedra Davis Writes.

And now it is my turn to pass the torch on the Blue Sky Tag. I nominate the following bloggers/writers to answer my questions below:

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1. Why did you start your blog?

2. What motivates you to write, and to keep writing?

3. How do you start your mornings and take care of you?

4. What message do you *really* hope to convey through your writing?

5. Who would you love to collaborate with some day?

6. What is one thing your reader may not know about you? Share something serious and something fun!

7. What is a quote that you wish you had written?

8. What book do you think every woman must read?

9. What are your personal favorite blogs and podcasts?

10. What do you do to push past fear?

11. What is your greatest achievement to date that you are most proud of?

Alrighty ladies..the rules are simple: 

1. Start by thanking the person who nominated you (me!) and adding my website link to your blog post.

2. Answer the 11 questions I gave you in a new blog post on your site.

3. Nominate 11 other bloggers/writers who you think are amazing. Place their link on your blog post.

4. Give them 11 questions of your choice.

Happy writing!