From foster care to self-care: An inside look at what it is like growing up in the system

As many of you know, I grew up in foster care. (Want to hear my story? Listen here.)

It is National Foster Care Month.

Today, I am reflecting on all the things growing up in the system has taught me when it comes to self-care. At the age of 13, I lived in and out of foster homes until I aged out of the system at 18. It literally transformed my life. Sure there were plenty of highs and lows along the way, but the years that followed once I was taken away from my mom left an imprint on my life like no other.

Something that I have learned from my years growing up in foster care is just how vital it is to take care of ourselves. When we prioritize our self-care, when we believe in our worth, and when we believe we are deserving of the life we want for ourselves, so much is possible. My experience in foster care has shaped the work I do with people now- and if there is any one thing I can help inspire you today my friend, it is that you are so worthy of your own care too.

To celebrate National Foster Care Month, I invited a dear friend of mine named Brandon Johnson to come on First + Foremost to share his story. Brandon talks about his experience growing up in the system and overcoming a childhood filled with drugs, gangs and violence. He is a warrior, my friends! He has seen more than many people will in their entire lifetime and today he shares his journey of thriving and making a beautiful life for himself after all he has been through. Be sure to give episode 42 a listen!