Welcome, welcome coach friend!

First, I just want to say I see and hear you.


I know you are quietly wondering how to do this work. Like really do this work.

How to get a waitlist completely full of coaching clients because that’s how in-demand you are.

How to launch new services and offerings on the regular. 

How to create a signature program that is so deeply in tune with your brand. Your voice. You.

How to show up consistently and see a return on all of it.
A return that says loud and proud:


I hear you, friend. And I get it.


I get that you just want to know if this all works.

If it is worth going all in for.

If it is a worthy investment.

If it is a viable and sustainable career path (for real).

I know this walk all too well. In fact, I would call it a slow crawl, because if I am being totally real

and candid and transparent: which I am, getting here has taken a whole lot of showing up.

Day in and day out.

Wondering if I’d ever make the kind of money I made pre-coaching.

Wondering if I would ever push past the fear of clicking “publish” or “send” (and then repeat often!).

Wondering if I would ever have a signature program that is filled with my right clients.

Fortunately, the answer for me has been yes. And the awesome, awesome news is that it can

be a big old resounding YES for you, too.



Throughout this journey I've learned some crucial
non-negotiables that continue to be my unique secret sauce
for continuous growth in my business as a coach

  •  Having a community of like-minded coaches to bounce ideas off of.
  • Having a go-to coach in my back pocket to lean into with real-time business struggles.
  • Having ongoing accountability to stay on top of important deadlines.
  • Creating consistent growth both personally and in business.
  • Continuously creating content and putting it out there- even when it’s not completely finished.

And this is the part where I come in
(hairflip included) handing you a personal invitation
to grow your business like never before.


You are invited to join the Business Mastermind for coaches
and make the summer of 2018 your best business move yet.



Together, we will form a sisterhood of BCFFs (Best Coach Friends Foreva) and create the kind of momentum in your coaching business you have been craving since Day 1.


You will walk alongside a super small-group of like-minded coaches, who have been selected with love and intention, to cheer each other on, motivate and encourage, and support one another on this path. You will process through your very own present and real-time challenges when it comes to your business and problem solve with practical tools along the way. You will be inspired to create the work that is on your heart while identifying your own unique voice and story so that putting yourself out there feels authentic and you and in no way salesy. You will grow your work like never before; learning the top business-growth tools that I have learned in 3 years in just 3 months. The Business Mastermind for Coaches is your business growth blueprint. You will learn everything I know about building a successful, thriving coaching practice, and all with the support of your fellow coaches in your corner. 

Everything your coaching business is destined to be is already within ya, lady. Waiting.
It’s time to get all that goodness out, don’t you think?




What: 12 calls (6 lessons with homework + 6 Coach Mastermind Calls), 12 weeks

When: Mondays (starting June 4th, ending August 27th)

Where: Zoom video calls (messy buns welcome!)

Time: 10am CST (Lessons=1hr, Coach Mastermind Calls=2hrs) 

That's 18hrs of completely getting after your coaching practice this summer,
and then some!

mentorship graphic.jpg


  • The complete inside scoop of my favorite coaching do’s and don’ts!
  • How to create a signature program
  • The real deal on what it takes to get clients for once and for all
  • How to use lead magnets to grow your list and sell your program
  • How to plan content like a true coach lady boss
  • How to grow your outreach and pitch yourself to gain exposure (and get clients!)
  • Recorded calls to replay as needed to soak in all the tips, tools, and lessons!
  • Super small-group mentorship from me! (You get to ask questions, puzzle through your
    real-time challenges, see how I run my business, and more!)
  • Your own coach mastermind group! (It is my hope you and your fellow coaches continue supporting each other long after our work together is complete!)


Week 1- Lesson w/ homework (1 hr)

Week 2- Coach Mastermind Call (2hrs)

Week 3- Lesson w/ homework (1 hr)

Week 4- Coach Mastermind Call (2hrs)



$1499 pay in full


3 monthly installments at $549


Let's Get after your business, lady. We start JUNE 4th! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 12.50.24 PM.png

How do I know if I am right for the Business Mastermind for Coaches?

My motto is always this: if you feel that little whisper telling you to go... GO.
That’s your instinct, and she lives from a place of love. That part of us that is rooted in love always knows best.

Do I have to be a certified coach to join?
Preference will be given to coaches who have previous training in coaching and/or self development.

Do I have to have coached for a certain amount of time before being accepted in?
No. As long as you have had some real-time coaching, either through a training program or with your own clients, then you should be good to go!

What if I cannot make a call?
In order to be accepted into the Business Mastermind for Coaches it will be a vital component that you can make the live calls. This is to ensure that we are creating an authentic mastermind experience for you as well as for the other coaches. Missing one call due to an emergency is one thing, but it will be very important that you attend each class live.

Are there refunds if I decide to back out or can’t do it?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds as this program is highly dependent on the commitment of each member of the group showing up fully. Even just one member not showing up to our live calls will impact the flow and structure of our group. Therefore, once you decide to go all-in, we each expect you to show up fully. 

What if I want to start my own coaching biz, but am still in my full-time gig? Can I still join? 
If you are currently coaching while working another job (totally get that!) and have time in your schedule to join our live calls on Mondays at 10am CST, then yes you can absolutely join!

What if I want to become a coach, but am not one yet. Can I join the Business Mastermind for Coaches?
First, congrats on wanting to pursue the best professional path ever!!! The Business Mastermind for Coaches is intended for coaches with some experience behind them. Once you become a coach, and have had some experience coaching (either on your own or through a certification program) then the timing might be better suited for you then! In the meantime, let's get you in my First + Foremost community (scroll to the bottom to enter in your info!) so you can hear all the details first before anyone else when the next round of the Business Mastermind for Coaches begins!

What's Zoom?
Zoom is the program we will use to chat. I love it because it allows us to share our screens when needed and record our meetings so you can replay them. It is free and takes just a moment to download. You can access it on your laptop or phone!

How many people will be in the Business Mastermind?
No more than 4-5 coaches total! In my experience with masterminds, you want to have just enough people to be able to learn and grow from and to bounce ideas off of, but not too many people where it can feel like there is limited time to tend to everyone's needs. 

When will I find out if I am accepted into the Business Mastermind for Coaches?
If you are accepted into the mastermind, you will be notified via e-mail by May 23rd.

What happens afterwards if I am accepted?
You will receive enrollment information to get you officially in! If you applied to be a part of the mastermind during the Early Bird Registration window (May 7-13) then you qualify for reduced payment. All applicants have the option to pay in full up front or pay 3 monthly installments over the course of the summer. The first payment is due upon enrollment to officially secure your spot in the mastermind.

What if I have a question not on this FAQ?
No biggie! Send me a note here!