Hey You…

Let’s check in! Take a moment to quiet your mind and reflect on where you are at.

Remember, a plan is nothing, but planning is everything.

It’s the time you take to be with yourself, to set intentions, to be thoughtful about what you’re wanting that ultimately leads to the daily choices you make to bring you closer, bit by bit, to what you want most for yourself. You owe yourself this time more than anything, so really seize it.

Think of this as your monthly nudge to be with yourself… and me, of course, as I cannot wait to read your update once you click “Share with Jen” below.

I’m sending you a ginormous hug, and rooting for you, always.


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Pssst. Before you click that button…

Take a quick snap of what you wrote. Set a reminder in your phone in a couple weeks to revisit your responses. This will serve as a little kick in the pants when you need it most to stay on track and remind you of your goals!