Hello friend,
You are invited on a 9-month journey
to grow your passion work from the inside-out
by taking care of you,
First + Foremost.

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Passion work is the work you feel called to do, the work you have in your heart, that lights you up in every way, that you crave turning from hobby to livelihood.

Photographers. Designers. Calligraphers. Writers. Choreographers. Artists. Coaches. Speakers. 

[The list goes on...]

These are people whose work requires them to show up fully as themselves. Because here is the thing: when you have passion work...

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You are the face of your work. You are the thing. You are the brand.

And with that, we feel deeply connected to, attached, and responsible for the work we put out into the world. It can be really scary to put one foot in front of the other, and go, and do, and make things happen.

It is a hard journey, and one that is riddled in self-doubt, fear, and worry. I know the thoughts all too well because I have been there myself.

What if I don't make any money?
Will anyone actually hire me?
I hate putting myself out there.
What will people think of me?
There is so much to do. I have no time to do it all.
What if it all doesn't work out?
Other people are already doing this.

I know what it's like. Fortunately, I was equipped with an arsenal of tools through the work I was doing (along with past experiences) that helped me push forward with creating the life and business I really craved for myself.

But so many of us don't have the tools. Many people go out there and pursue their passion work, but do not take care of themselves. They are overworked. They are tired. People see it. You and I feel it.

Your passion work thrives
when you thrive.

There is a real vulnerability with passion work. We have to take care of ourselves on a richer, deeper level to show up at our highest vibration, as the best version of ourselves, day in and day out, so we have energy (and love!) to put towards what we create.

To really get after what we want most, we have to have practices, routines, and rituals in place to take care of ourselves, first.

And that is exactly why I created First + Foremost. It is for women who are ready to (finally) bring their passion work to life.


There are 9 monthly lessons throughout First + Foremost where you will get all my secrets for thriving on a foundational level within. You will learn all of my tools for self-care, self-love, self-growth and beyond, to help you create a solid ground to grow your business on, so you can push past what holds you back, and get your passion work out there for the world (and people like me!) to enjoy! Each month, we have a new theme, and follow the weekly flow below:

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WEEK1| The Lesson
The lessons are intended to ground and center
you in your truths, cultivate a practice for taking
the very best care of you, and create momentum
towards what you want most!

WEEK 2 | Tie It Back
When we Tie It Back, we apply skills
and content from the monthly lesson to
your most important work: your passion work.

WEEK 3 | Coffee + Connection
This is our virtual hang out where you can ask
questions and get feedback or coaching.
Think of this as your monthly pep talk
from your life coach (me!).

WEEK 4 | Sip + See
Make some tea, drink your kombucha,
and cozy on up to a behind-the-scenes look
at how I am applying the monthly lessons
in my own life and business.
This is your exclusive invitation to
see how I, too, am doing the work. 


There are 2 membership options to meet you where you are at:

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Access to membership only site

9 Monthly Lessons
To energize and center you
in self-love, self-growth, and self-discovery!

Monthly Tie It Back
Where you take everything you are learning in
our lesson and apply it to your passion work!

Monthly Coffee + Connection
Our virtual chat where we come together
as a collective mastermind to ask questions,
get feedback, and push forward.

Monthly Sip + See
Your behind-the-scenes access
to see how I'm applying it all.

New Moon Monthly Intentions
Where we throw your wishes + wants
to the Universe, and make it all speakable.
(Think: goal-setting with heart.)

Sista-gram Circles
Your Instagram mini-tribe, made up of
like-minded gals within our group.
Your place to encourage each other,
share wins, and come for support,
while also engaging with each other's content. 

Early bird registration ends November 17th
Regular price $115/month

Registration closes November 24th
Space is limited

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Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls
9 total 45-minute virtual chats, once per month,
where we plan out your next steps, 
create momentum for all of the in-between,
push past your fear.

Access to Text + Email
Share your wins, ask your questions,
 and get feedback when you need it! 

Nudges + Support Between Calls
To help hold you accountable,
get inspired, get fired up, 
and get out there and DO your things!

Early bird discount ends November 17th
Regular price $349/month
Registration closes November 24th

8 spots only


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A welcome gift filled with all my personal favorite goodies to get you inspired and help you take the very best care of you!



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Join the ride. Come along. We start November 27th! I hope to see you there!

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What if I don't have a business? Is this right for me?
First + Foremost is right for you if you have been dreaming up the dream, the idea, and just haven't started yet. You are clear on what your passion work is, you just might need a little push (okay, a big push!) to get there!

What if I have a business, is this for me?
Yes, lady! In F + F you will revamp your systems, structure, and routines for feeling your best to ensure you create a solid foundation for your passion work to soar. This translates to more clients/customers, more visibility + vulnerability, and more focus, intention and clarity in the long run!

How much of a focus will self-care be in First + Foremost?
Self-care is going to be embedded throughout the entire program. Every single monthly lesson will have a theme to help you grow from within, and then we Tie It Back to your passion work to help you apply the skills to your business. This helps keep the focus on the inside-out type of growth we are after! 

How do I know if F + F is right for me?
If you have the teeniest of whispers telling you to GO... then F+F is exactly for you my friend! (That little voice by the way, is your intuition talking!) For that reason, once you're in, you're in! The program is designed to be an all-in experience, and therefore refunds cannot be given.

If you are in a spot in your life right now where you are unable to focus on and commit to growing your passion work, it might be best to join F + F next fall. 

I still have questions. How can I contact you?
Send your Qs over to me here!

Jen Wille First + Foremost