Hello friend,
You are invited on a 9-month journey
to grow your passion work from the inside-out
by taking care of you, first.

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It's time to grow your business like never before and lay the kind of foundation for it to soar. 

For your passion work to thrive
you have to you thrive.

There is a real vulnerability with passion work. We have to take care of ourselves on a richer, deeper level to show up at our highest vibration, as the best version of ourselves, day in and day out, so we have energy (and love!) to put towards what we create.

To really get after what we want most, we have to have practices, routines, and rituals in place to take care of ourselves, first.

And that is exactly why I created First + Foremost. It is for women who are ready to (finally) bring their passion work to life.

You will get every tool, every secret, and every tip I have to share so you can lean into self-care like never before.

The payoff?

You will fully transform yourself, thus completely transforming your business,
which leads to a rock solid platform for your business to grow from.

First + Foremost runs once per year, from November to August.
Registration is currently closed while I am on maternity leave.

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