Let’s Take care of you, first…

First+ Foremost is all about you loving on you.
It’s the nurture you provide to yourself. It can be physical, mental, or emotional.
It cannot be taken away from you, because you are the holder of it.
You decide what you need, when you need it.
You facilitate that growth for you. That love for you. It’s yours.
It’s always available.
It is there on a rainy day. A sorrowful day. A happy day.
The love you create for you is your self-care, my friend.

Self-care is the myriad of ways you decide to look after you. Pedicures and bubble baths. Therapy and the doctor. Journaling, yoga, meditation, yes. Snuggles, laughter and connection- that too. Self-care is whatever positive, loving action you decide to do for you.

Self-care ebbs and flows based on what we are needing, and my goal here, by creating the First + Foremost community, is to help inspire you to reflect (and to reflect often!) about what you are needing.

I invite you to come along and join this exquisite community of people committed to self-growth.

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Here’s what to expect:

Every so often (think once a month-ish!) I send out a loving note your way (via your inbox) with a reflection of my latest self-care musings. From podcast chats and blog posts, to live events like workshops and retreats, to freebies including self-care tid-bits and journaling exercises, you will receive all the goodness that my heart can conjure up that is tied to self-growth, self-love and of course, self-care. Sound good to you?

Simply share your info below to join the First + Foremost community! (And as a fun bonus, you will receive my aaaaall-time favorite self-care tool: my Daily Routine Workbook. It is filled with exercises to help you create the kind of day your heart desires most!)