Jen's keen ability to read through the lines and get to the heart of the matter is profound. Her sensitivity and warmth helped me feel safe and valued. She helped me to see and celebrate my progress when it was hard to identify. She not only walked me through a rough patch, but what seemed like a lifetime of challenges, too. Jen's personal and professional experience not only set me up for success, but created a solid foundation to create the life I truly want to live. She doesn't just teach it, she lives it.

Beth Racine

Working with Jen gave me a realization of how I felt about different aspects of my life. She helped me see where I needed to focus a lot of my energy on to lead a more balanced life. Before working with Jen, I felt a lot of self doubt, no confidence at all. I felt like I needed to put everyone else before myself. Now, I have a new outlook on my life. I see more of the positives in situations rather than the negative. I feel as though it is easier for me to express myself and how I am feeling or if something is bothering me. I feel happier now.

Alex Gazzano

I knew within 5 minutes of our first conversation Jen would be one of those people I’d always want to stay connected with. Her natural ability and passion for life coaching are the two things that not only make her a great coach, but an awesome person to call a “friend." If you are ready to start living the authentic life you are meant to live, then Jen is your girl!

Sarah Jordan