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A grounding practice

On a new moon, the moon is open and ready for new beginnings. It is a perfect time to think about all that you want to attract and draw into your life.

Setting new moon intentions is about connecting to our power as women, drawing in the kinds of feelings and emotions we want to experience as the cycle gradually becomes full again.

Here's how to do it:

1. Clear the energy in your home. Grab one of your smudges, light it, and sift it into the air as you walk around, intentionally clearing any negativity or heaviness that remains in your space.

2. Find a quiet area. Whether it's your bedroom, office, or reading nook, find a spot in your home that feels centering and grounding for our practice. 

3. Get out your New Moon Intention Journal.  Use your new moon intention journal to record your intentions. At the top of the page, write today's new moon date and the feeling word you most want to attract into your life this upcoming cycle.

4. Journal your intentions. Below it, either as a journal entry or list, record what you want to call in or receive this upcoming month. Think about what you would like to manifest and create that will help lead to the feeling you desire.

5. Set a reminder for your intention word. Either make it pretty and post-it up as a visual (if you're like me, a simple post-it note will do!), or create a reminder in your phone with your intention word. Let your word become part of your being this month. 

That's it!