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Welcome to First + Foremost | The Podcast! Feeling our absolute best starts when we commit to taking care of ourselves first. Each week on the podcast, we talk all things self care, from solo sitdowns with just you and me, to candid real life chats with special guests who are out there living their passion work. Together, we uncover the daily habits and routines that lead to peaceful daily rhythms, so that you, too, can implement them right away. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest episodes!

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Hear my top 5 tips for sharing your stories authentically on social media to create deeper connection. This episode is ideal for those of you who want more visibility and transparency online, whether it is just for fun, or for business!

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Grab a coffee and cozy up for this chat with my life coach and dear friend, Beth Racine. She opens up about how the pain of betrayal in her marriage ultimately led to deeper happiness, greater fulfillment and more self-love in her life. 

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"I feel so overwhelmed" is a clockwork statement for so many of us. In episode 3, I dive into why we need to STOP using this word and what it really signals to us. This episode is ideal for those of you who find yourself feeling overwhelmed and want some practical tools to deal with it! 

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Get your most important work out into the world by pushing past fear and self-doubt! Join me for my chat with Kirsten Wilson, creator of the Hello Day Planner, which she launched just this past year and has already seen tremendous success, proving her motto to be true, "it doesn't hurt to try."

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In this episode, I chat with you about why it is time to stop pursuing passion. This chat is ideal for those of you who feel tired and drained in your current day job, and have day dreams of doing something bigger, even if you don't know what it is just yet!

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I am joined by the lovely Simi Botic, a holistic health coach, who shares her inspiring journey to freedom from emotional eating and perfectionism. This episode is ideal for those of you who struggle with perfectionism or emotional eating and want to hear from someone who has found freedom on the other side.

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I share my 5 steps to telling the difference between fear and intuition. This episode is ideal for those of you who want to create more trust, certainty and confidence around the decisions you make, and to know the difference when fear or intuition is talking!

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I am joined by writer, traveler, mama, yoga teacher, coffee lover (and my friend!) Julia Dellitt as she gets candid about dealing with imposter syndrome, what it was like interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert for The Everygirl, and why she recently decided it is time to walk away from what's good to explore what's great!

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It's time to open up about my go-to morning routine that helps ground and center me, always. A fun bonus: it's the one self-care ritual you can take with you anywhere you go. This episode is ideal for those of you who want to stop feeling so overwhelmed and create a daily practice for intention.

Rachel DeAlto


Relationship Expert and Coach, Rachel DeAlto joins me to chat about all things relationships! She shares her top tips for thriving whether you are single or married, her experience as an expert on Married at First Sight, what it was like to mentor Dean from the Bachelor, and magic in relationships! Today's episode is for those of you wanting honest tips from a relationship expert!

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At the end of every year, I love to reflect on the big wins and lessons learned from the previous year and think forward to the upcoming year ahead and what I want to draw in and attract. In today's  episode, I invite you to an inside look at my 2017 yearly reflection. This episode is for those of you who want to create an annual practice of your own for reflecting! Get your  Yearly Reflection guide here!

Nick Padiak

episode 12

Writer, editor, actor, and podcaster Nick Padiak gets candid about self-care. He shares about his experience living with depression and the plethora of tools he swears by to help you take the very best care of you. This episode is ideal for you if you are wanting tools that go beyond journaling and meditation and want a fresh take on self-care! Check out Nick's podcasts: I'll Be Damned and Informer

First + Foremost


Around this time every year, while everyone is out there setting New Year's Resolutions and writing up their big goals for the year, I always start with this super-charged activity to help really unlock the things I am wanting most. This episode is ideal for those of you who want to finally get after your most important things in a real, lasting and impactful way!

Jen Diaz

episode 14

In episode 14, I am joined by Jennifer Diaz, a health & wellness coach & exercise physiologist who shares her top 3 tips for getting out of a rut, what to watch for when it comes to restriction and dieting, and what she means when she says "food is not moral." This episode is ideal for those of you wanting to explore what self-care looks like around exercise, nutrition and a positive mindset!

Jen Wille


In episode 15, we reflect on the key players in your life and business, why it is so important to know who you can turn to for specific things, and how to gain clarity on who the members of your team are! This episode is ideal for those of you wanting more support and overall connection with the people in your life. Grab the Know Your Team handout mentioned here!