These terms and conditions govern your purchase AND/OR use of coaching services and tools provided by Jen Wille, the owner and administrator.  Jen Wille is referred to in these Terms and Conditions as "Coach," “Me,” or “My.” You are referred to below as "Client," "he/she, "his/her," and "I."

The Client acknowledges, by the purchase of coaching sessions that he/she has read these terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by them. 
The Client acknowledge that he/she is at least 18 years old. 
The Client agrees to have his/her purchase processed through Stripe, Square, PayPal or another third-party payment platform. All sales are final and nonrefundable.
The Client agrees not to share or replicate tools, tips or materials with others without permission.
The Client agrees that he/she is purchasing coaching sessions for self-growth and not to create a competitive or similar product or service.
The Client agrees that his/her progress is not guaranteed and holds the coaching process free of liability.
The Client agrees that he/she is entering into a coaching relationship at her own risk and that Jen Wille is not liable for any damages to his/her that result from his/her experience and purchase of coaching sessions.
The Client agrees to defend, compensate, and hold me harmless for any claims made against me arising or resulting from her breach of these terms, access or misuse of the coaching process, or violation of the rights of any third-parties.
The Client understands that sessions are scheduled monthly or bi-monthly depending on her goals and last approximately 45 minutes in length.
The Client agrees to meet by Zoom video call at the agreed upon time.
The Client agrees to give a 24-hour notice for cancellations and to identify a mutually satisfactory time to reschedule the session.
The Client agrees appointments without prior notice will be lost time for him/her. 
The Client may call the Coach if he/she needs situational coaching & would like to schedule an additional session or share a success.
The Client agrees to use the unique code he/she received upon purchase to redeem coaching sessions each month.
The Client understands that coaching sessions will roll over to the following month and will expire after 1 year from the date of the Agreement.  
The Client can opt out of coaching at any time by cancelling the plan with her unique code, thus marking any remaining sessions nonrefundable and nonredeemable.
The Client agrees to have his/her credit card drawn on the date of initial purchase for coaching sessions on a monthly, recurring basis until cancelled.
The Client agrees that once his/her credit card is drawn according to his/her payment schedule that no refunds may be given.
The Client agrees to come prepared for each session by being fully engaged, open-minded & candid.
The Client agrees to complete any tools and activities agreed upon with the Coach between sessions.

Effective: 2019


I agree to all terms and statements above, and it is my intent, to indicate agreement by checking the box in Acuity. I understand that my checking the box in Acuity in this fashion is the legal equivalent of having placed my handwritten signature on the submitted record/document and this affirmation. I understand and agree that by submitting this record/document in this fashion I am affirming to the truth of the information contained therein.  By checking the box in Acuity, I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. *