What Stories Will Your Little Old Lady Self Tell?

I vividly remember my great Aunt Ronnie's stories. The long talks I had with her as an adult, realizing the youth behind the sweet wrinkled face of the 92-year-old woman who had sat in front of me. Getting to know the treasured times of her life that she carried so fondly in her heart remind me today to hold on tightly to my own happy memories.

That time I was with my husband in Kefalonia, Greece sitting on the shore of a beach fit perfectly for two where we felt completely removed from the world.
That time I was a freshman in college, laying on the bed I had just made, resting my head on the pillow that night, and knowing with profound gratitude that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
That time I looked out at a sea of smiles where my favorite people danced and celebrated together, all in one place, on my wedding day.
All was well. Things were just peacefully so.
These times are among my happiest. They are the stories I relive in my mind when I need them most. Some are big, magical moments and others are small, simple ones.

What are your happy moments? What are the stories your sweet old lady self will revel in someday? Travel back in time where you felt more alive than ever before and capture it in your mind as you would with a camera.  
Then try it again. Keep on adding your favorite moments until you have a mini-collection. Access the greatest times of your life when you need them. They are there just for you, so take advantage of them, love.
Bonus points, always, for repeating often.