My Top 10 Takeaways from 2017!

There is something about this particular year and season that has me feeling more reflective than ever before (you too!?). I am finding myself feeling waves of gratitude for the life I have with my husband Adam and our puppy Migo. Maybe it is all stemming from recently completing my Yearly Reflection (a peek inside is coming your way next week- complete yours here if you are feeling like doing some reflecting of your own in the meantime!) 

In this season of reflection, I want to share with you my top 10 takeaways from 2017.

1. Trust the timing of your life.
This one I have learned on a personal level, and also vicariously through the people around me. Think of any one thing you are wanting that feels out of your control. Then say to yourself, “I choose to trust the timing of my life.” Now doesn’t that feel like a warm hug? 

2. Don’t skimp on your self-care!
Skimping on my self-care leads to a tired, drained, and depleted me. It effects my mood, self-esteem, and my entire being. I have learned that it is a nonnegotiable. I must do it.
Day. (Get acquainted with your own self-care things here!)

3. Talk to the people you love about the things on your heart.
Talks with your person. Opening up in ways you don't always plan to. Sharing and baring your wishes, wants, hopes, desires. It's such an important part of feeling loved and feeling heard and understood.

4. Be your own advocate.
I received some advice from a medical professional early this year that just did not feel right. So I got a second opinion. I used my voice. I advocated for me. I took care of myself. Be your own advocate and take care of you, too.

5. Get a pet!
Having Migo our Portuguese Water Dog has completely changed my life. I now understand the love one can have for a furry friend. He has taught me lots about self-care and love, too!

Migo The Dog Friend

6. Remember that everyone is going through something.
We only see what others choose to show us. Remember that every single person is going through something. The people who are jerks are going through something. The people who appear to have everything perfect are going through something.

7. Don’t get sucked into other people’s stories.
When someone is freaking out, when someone is highly reactive, when someone is highly emotional, don’t get sucked into their drama. Instead, remember that this is their story. It is how they are choosing to react. It does not have to be your story too.

8. Respect your own time.
This past year I blocked out 3 weeks of rest for myself over the upcoming holidays. And then, as December has been nearing, I noticed that I had filled up almost every single day with activities, meetings, and events. Before the holidays got a chance to tire me out, I felt drained just looking at my calendar. Then the lovely Mara Glatzel popped into my email right when I needed her most. She reminded me that I need to honor my time. I need to honor my own periods of much-needed rest. And so I went back and cleared my schedule. I moved things around. I reclaimed my space. And now I deeply look forward to rest this holiday season. Moral of the story.. respect your time. Honor what you need and say you will do. Give yourself periods of rest.

9. Listen to your body.
A few months back, I fell down our stairs. I was holding Migo in my arms (thankfully we both were okay!) but I ended up with a back injury. Fortunately, it is almost 100 percent healed, but wow has the experience taught me a lot about tending to my body. I have had to pause on working out and strenuous movement in general. I have used this time to really listen to what my body is needing and to be kind to it in the process. It has proven to be a gift, really. 

10. Be the fire!!!
My mantra from 2017! This summer, after going on a camping trip, I realized while talking with a fellow coach friend, that I was the cozy blanket at a campfire and that it was time to be the FIRE. Since adopting this mantra, it has moved me to action like never before (really!). So many things I have wanted to get off the ground are in full swing now (like my podcast + program!) and it feels amazing friends. I share this final piece with you because I have realized having a compelling mantra is everything. What words really resonate to be true for you? Make that your mantra!

There you have it! When you have a chance, take a moment to reflect on your own top 10 takeaways from this past year. What key lessons have you gained from this past year that you will carry with you into 2018?