What I learned from leaving my 9-5 job

4 years ago this summer, I officially resigned from teaching.

I will never forget that day, handing my letter of resignation, fear washing over me, hands trembling, as I told my administrator I was going to start my own business.

I felt excited. 

There were SO many emotions flooding through me.

But the absolute greatest feeling I had within was this conviction that everything would somehow work out.

That I'd figure out the parts I was uncertain about.
That I would push past the fear of the unknown.
That I would remain positive about the journey ahead.

And I did. 

4 years later. I am here. I am coaching. I am doing this thing. (Want to hear the rest of the story of how I quit my 9-5? Listen to episode 48 on First + Foremost here!).

I share this with you because maybe you have some unfinished business of your own that your heart is longing for? Maybe there is a conversation that needs to be had? A project that needs your attention? Or an entirely new path you feel called to do?

Whatever is on your mind and heart, if there is one thing I have learned from my journey to leaving my career as a teacher to become a full-time life coach, it is this truth:

You create all the love and stability you need.

If you hold onto this foundational, unshakeable truth, and trust that it is the way to getting where you want to be, the feelings that arise that threaten to hold you back can be gently softened and held tightly as you are reminded of the simple fact that you've got this.

We have got this.

You and me, love. We can get after what we want. We can do the things that we so desire.

Because at our center, we are strong. We are driven beings. We are not stuck. We can get after what we want.