5 Steps to Get After Your Biggest Goals

I cannot even believe we are here in the final quarter of 2018. I love to take a moment around this time of year to check in and assess where I am at with my big picture things. Speaking of, are you feeling clear on your own big picture things? Do you feel a sense of direction with where you’re going and what you’re working towards? If not, no sweat, I got you friend!

Let’s first start by letting this statement ring so deeply true:

Clarity is what creates drive. 

Motivation stems from that place of knowing where we want to be. It is critical to constantly be coming back around to creating clarity within ourselves. We do this by opening ourselves up to exploring what is there within us. What is waiting to come out? What do we really, really want for ourselves? If everything were easy, what would we be doing? 

Once we find some of the answers we are wanting, it is important to remember that our game plan or vision is never ever stagnant. We are constantly changing and ebbing and flowing and therefore it is so important to see our vision in that same lens. For this reason, I set aside time in my schedule to revisit where I am at and write out any changes or updates to my vision and goals.

Want a sneak peek at my personal goal-setting process?

Here’s a snapshot at how to do it:

1.    Get crystal clear on your 4-5 big goals. 

And don't forget to make make them SMART.

2.    Determine one overriding goal.

Among your 4-5 goals, choose the one goal, that if you were to achieve it within the next 5-10 years, you would see and feel the most dramatic impact across other areas of your life. 

3.    Set annual, quarterly, and monthly goals.

Use your overriding goal to set annual, quarterly and monthly goals, and again, make them SMART!

4.    Revisit your goals! 

Set aside time in your calendar to check back in on your goals on a continual basis. Really, block that time off in your phone the moment you do this, otherwise it stays a wish and a want!

5.    Repeat every year!

I usually begin this process around December or January of every year to stay in sync with the calendar year, but you can start it out at any time! With it being August, we are officially in the third quarter of the year. Now I will revisit where I am at with my overriding goal and how I am doing with making movement and traction on the rest of my goals. Do I need to adjust any goals? What monthly goals can I set for the remainder of the year to bring me closer to reaching my overriding goal?

How about you? Do you set goals? Do you want to become a goal-getting machine? Do you have an overriding goal or vision that you feel crystal clear on? Are you intentional about the action needed to get there? 

If you need any support with this whatsoever, I am here. You can always reach out as goal setting is kinda my jam! Together we can figure out some simple next steps to get you closer to where you want to be. And if goal-setting (…and getting!) feels solid to you in this moment, then let’s celebrate that! That alone right there is a big win.