Here's your nudge to write.

So many times I have sat down in the last 7 months to write. I have crafted uninterrupted time in the morning and taken out little blocks in the afternoon to get my thoughts down into my memoir.

I am writing about my childhood growing up in foster care.

It is a story about mothers and daughters and the long-lasting imprint a mother’s love has on her daughter’s soul. 

It is the realest, and hardest thing I have ever written.

I read this quote by Rupi Kaur that perfectly sums up my feelings: 

the thing about writing is
i can’t tell if it’s healing
or destroying me


Everything about her words ring true to my heart. (You too?)

Why do we feel so dang vulnerable when we write? Like we are ripping off a bandaid? Like we are opening ourselves up for the world to see when we are the only ones in that moment to see it? Like we might completely fall apart with every word we pen to paper?

Some of my coaching clients have shared their own personal struggle to write in a journal daily. Fellow creative business owners tell me how challenging it can be to open up and share online in their social media posts. 

Writing what is real and true for us is an act of shifting and growing.

When we create space for ourselves to write, we are allowing what is there to come up. And sometimes that can be very scary.

But our words will not break us.

Writing will challenge us to recognize the parts of ourselves that are still hurting or are in pain. 

By creating a space to open up and see what is there, we are essentially saying quietly in our mind to ourselves:

I am worthy of my own love and care.

And what a beautiful, empowering message that is.

What piece of writing is on your heart today my friend?

Have you been longing to journal? Create quotes or poems? Write more authentically on social media? Write a book?

Creating space in your day for yourself to explore your own truths is a vulnerable thing, nonetheless. But you are worthy of exploring your own truths, don’t you think? You are worthy of making them speakable.

Even if you never share what you write with another soul. Simply give yourself permission to get it out. And then see what you want to do with it.