It's Time to Reframe Balance


What comes up for you when you hear the word?

It used to be something I actively strived for. Healthy eating, fit body. Lively social life. Organization. Structure with work. Routine at home. Having these things meant I was getting it right-- that my life was in balance.

Lately I have been rethinking the word and what it really means beyond these things.  

Balance in sharing my most personal stories and maintaining that part that chooses to remain private.
Balance in saying yes to new experiences and not being disappointed when saying no is the best option.
Balance in leaning into some relationships and veering back from others.

This last month has been a real season of change and acceptance. I am learning every day to trust myself in making the best decision moment by moment, and to be okay with those very choices. 

What is balance looking like for you right now? What are the things you are needing to accept and let go of?

A great place to start is by looking at what has changed in your life.

What relationships have grown, or possibly become distant? What new chapters have started in your life recently? What realizations have you had that are coming to light? 

Lay it out in your mind or write it down.

As you look back on the moving parts of your life, try to visualize the word BALANCE.  

When we are experiencing a lot of change, it can feel tough to think of our lives as being in balance. The idea of the word meaning that everything is perfectly in alignment has got to go.

Reframing it as growth and constant change, with constant moving parts, and acceptance and reflection, allows us the opportunity to be a little kinder to ourselves as we see what is in front of us.

You are doing the best you can, every day. 

Balance is ebbing and flowing with your life. 

Here's to ebbing. Here's to flowing.