How to Stop Letting Comparison Get in the Way

I met with a client recently who is planning to launch her own business at the end of spring. She has all the things laid out.

  • Website
  • Photos
  • Marketing plan
  • Opt-in for her site
  • Blog

Work is in motion. Progress is being made. There is pride. And there is also fear. Lots of it in fact.

Fear shows up in the form of “not being enough.”

It looks like getting up in the morning to knock off a few things on the list of to-do’s, getting side-tracked by checking emails, then checking social media, and then checking out another website from a professional in the same industry.

The comparison kicks in:

SHE has more followers.
SHE is really successful.
SHE has awesome products.
SHE is so talented.

The thoughts keep rolling, and by my next session with my client, she has totally convinced herself to just stop. To throw in the towel. Someone is already doing what she wants to do, and doing it better. Why waste my time?, she says.

Someone out there IS doing something similar yes. The easy thing to do is to stop and give up. To let go of the ambition, the fight, the determination, the hard work. To say enough is enough.

But is that what SHE did? Did SHE get where SHE is by stopping? No. We get where we go in life by charging through, even when the going gets tough.

Whether, like my client, you are contemplating starting your own business, or you are dealing with other personal matters where you see other people totally thriving, try to remember that we ALL have had our mountains to climb, battles to fight, and roads to cross.

We have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

That’s how we get the thing we want so badly for ourselves. By showing up, and doing the work, even when that part of us is convinced SHE is doing it better.

SHE is out there doing it in her own, unique way. Her voice and her stories are her own. Nobody out there can do it your way, other than you.

So get out there and be your own SHE.

Tell your stories. Own your voice. Do your important work.

SHE is waiting.