Your Social Media Self-Care Plan

It must be in the summer air...

Over the last few weeks, I have had several conversations with women, from close friends to clients, about taking a social media break. 

I would say almost every single one of these incredible, vibrant ladies, shared how they have in some way felt less than after scrolling through their Instagram or Facebook feeds. Can you relate? 

I love the idea of stepping away from the screen as part of tending to our self-care. The thing is, whether we step away for a few days or take an entire month off, at some point, when we decide to go back on, that feeling of being less than will likely creep back in at some point. Am I right??

So, what do we do?

We have to create a social media self-care plan for noticing the feelings as they arise, and then some action steps to follow to take care of ourselves in the moment. A few months back, I wrote a piece that was recently shared on Create & Cultivate that has my step-by-step flow for dealing with the comparison game. Check it out here, and bookmark it for the next time you find yourself feeling less than in any way.