The #1 Phrase That Will Stop Your Meltdown

It's time for some real talk.

I had a meltdown the other day.

The grown up woman, fiery tantrum kind of meltdown.

It happened while I was getting ready to go out with my husband.

The thoughts went something like this:

I have nothing to wear.
I hate my clothes.
Shoot, these shorts don't fit. 

And they kept on coming…

It took me over 30 minutes to get ready because of the pity party I was having in my head.

Once I finally settled on something to wear, I realized how silly it was to be in my head like that, but it wasn't until the next day that it really hit me.

I was listening to a podcast with Marie Forleo, where she shared a beautiful quote by Neale Donald.

“Struggle ends when gratitude begins.”

I thought back to my meltdown with my clothes and suddenly thought back to the statements I had said in my mind while getting ready.

"I have no clothes." Oh yes, love, you have lots of clothes.
"I have nothing to wear." You have an entire closet filled with beautiful clothing.

I could keep going on and on. I thought about how fortunate I am to have so many things to choose from when I get ready.

The next day while getting ready, my entire energy had shifted as I thought about the quote. When I felt myself feel disappointed about the clothing options in my closet, I instead thought about how grateful I am to have a home with a closet that is filled with clothes that I have purchased with my hard-earned dollars. I thought about how grateful I am to have a healthy body to dress my clothes in. 

These words can be applied to more meaningful events than clothing. Moments when we are in suffering, hurting, or are in a state of sadness we can come back to what we feel grateful for. We can think about what we love in our current moment.

I now think of these words and try to apply them to other areas of my life where I feel a kind of struggle playing out. I gently remind myself what I am grateful for in those challenging moments. And friends, it is really making a difference in how I am feeling. I sure hope you'll do the same.

P.S. Want a cute print of this quote in your space as a reminder!? I made you a super quick downloadable. Click here to get your copy!