Why It's Okay to NOT Have a Niche

As a life coach, the moment I entered the game, I heard from every blog, article, training, and peer in the industry that I’d need to choose a niche market. You got to have focus. You got to know your audience. You have to choose.

For the last two years, this is precisely what I set out to do. 

Choose a niche. 

I started by exploring how I felt working with different groups of people. 

Here’s where it got confusing. I felt myself come alive in various ways while working with many different groups. 

How will I ever decide on a niche market if I can’t let go of the other groups I love working with?

This is where reality set in.

Why do we have to zero in on just one of set of our passions and let the rest go?

Can’t you be a lawyer AND teach dance class on the weekends? Or a marketing manager AND a fashion blogger? Or a social worker AND Spanish tutor?

Whatever it is, let's lean in and listen to it. Let's go for the things we enjoy and welcome them into our lives fully. I am not saying choosing a niche is right or wrong. I am saying that if you happen to fall into a multi-passionate lane, that that is okay too.

It’s scary to veer from the safe course. When we take risks and follow our passions, we gift ourselves with the opportunity to come out on the other side happier and stronger than ever. 

We have to listen and hear what we want.

We have to go for it.