3 Tips to Push Past Fear


It is the thing that oftentimes stops us in our tracks and keeps us from being where we want to be. It is the thing that feels suffocating at times, telling us we are not good enough. It is the thing that keeps us right where we are at, with the threat of never finding our true potential.

That is, if we keep on listening to it… 

What if today is the day you decide to stop letting fear lead you? What if you decide today to start paying attention to when fear shows up and instead push past it and go after what you want most?

Are you ready? Okay, let's get to it. 

1.  Create a mantra/ affirmation/ badassery reminder that you are amazing.
The next time you hear fear talking to you, come equipped to talk back (kindly of course!) with an empowering, fear-conquering, confidence-boosting statement to stop fear in its tracks. Try something like, "I take chances because I am worthy of knowing the reward."

2.  Ask yourself this critical question: what will your life be like if you keep listening to fear?
This question right here is the one that always reminds me that I will stay exactly where I am if I keep listening to my fear. I want to go places, thank you very much! How about you? Where do YOU want to go in YOUR life? What will happen if you keep listening to fear?

3.  Remind yourself that everyone, every single person, starts somewhere. Including you.
If you find that a lot of your fear is rooted in self-doubt, likely from comparing yourself to others, or not feeling good enough, remind yourself that every single person started somewhere where they once were at the very beginning. It takes a series of baby steps to push past fear and put ourselves out there to get where we really want to be. We all start somewhere. The key word, is start.

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