My Top 3 Methods for Creating a Compelling Vision

I am all about setting New Year's Resolutions and creating a word of the year.

However, there is by far, one absolute must do when it comes to kicking off the new year…
And that, my friend, is creating a compelling vision.

I must admit, at first when I created a vision years ago, I was a skeptic. But when I went back to revisit my 5-year vision just a handful of years later, I was BLOWN AWAY at just how much I had manifested in real-time in my day to day life.

That dream kitchen I thought would never ever be my reality? It's mine. Now. At 34 years old.

A waitlist filled with clients ready to team up and work with me? A constant in my business now- and one that I am eternally grateful for.

Running programs in my business that help people feel and live their very best lives? Yup. In fact, I currently run TWO annual programs that do just this!

I do not in any way share this with you to brag. (In fact, I notice that part of me right now that is hesitant to publish this post for the fear of anyone out there thinking that of me in any way. But I am pushing past that fear, friends, because I know YOU are here because we align in some way and that you will see my greater intention for sharing.)

I share this with you to inspire you to dream your big dreams, and to not fear them. Sometimes we can be so afraid of what we really, really want. (This of course calls for a lovely 90's throwback. I miss this song!). Sometimes what we want makes us uncomfortable. And other times, when we think about what we might really want, we begin to feel sad about our present reality.

But there’s thing about creating a compelling vision:

A vision moves you to action.

A vision creates energy, love, and excitement around your present reality (if of course, you let it) and it empowers you to get out there and align your daily actions towards what you are wanting.

Maybe you are a skeptic like I was. Either way, today I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to create a vision. I hope you’ll take a few moments out of your day this month to put your vision together. The idea is to hang it up somewhere where you can see it and let it serve as a powerful reminder of the life you are wanting to create for yourself.

Here are my top 3 methods for creating a compelling vision:

  1. Create a vision board.

    I love this classic take on creating a vision so much because it is probably the most widely used way to do it! A quick search on google will likely bring up several visuals to inspire you.

    Here’s how to do it: Grab a sheet of paper or poster board and a bunch of magazines. Cut out words and images that inspire you when you think about what you want in your life this next year. Do not think twice about it. Just cut them out, and put them in a pile. Then arrange the words and images on the paper. Glue them down, and there you have it! Your vision board is complete. Take a moment to look at your board and see what comes up for you as you read it. What goals emerge? What unfinished business do you have that you are excited to do?

  2. Create a vision box.

    A vision box is very similar to a vision board, but the main difference is that you are doing the exact same activity as above, just on a box instead of a piece of paper or poster board. I love to place the box somewhere where I will see it often after I am finished, like on my desk or in my bedroom. You may want to fill the box with inspiring notes or messages to help you create motivation when you need it most!

  3. Create a vision journal.

    A vision journal is a fun twist on a vision board in that you are covering the front page of a journal with images and words that inspire you. I have had some clients who have chosen to use their entire journal as a vision exercise. So each journal entry is filled with words and images that might inspire you. Whether it is just the front cover or the entire journal, this is sure a creative twist on creating a vision!

There you have it! These are my tried and true methods for creating a compelling vision. I hope you will take some time out for you this month to create a vision of your own. And, if you are part of my First + Foremost community (if you’re not, what are you waiting for, boo!?) I encourage you to send me a pic of yours! I would love to see what you have created and plan to manifest!